7 healthy meals without the fuss

November 23, 2016 by OMG Cayman

Try these easy meal ideas you can make in just minutes.

If you’re like most people, convenience is a factor when choosing what to eat — but grab-and-go foods aren’t always the best choices. The next time you need a quick and easy meal idea, try one of these healthy meals that you can whip up in minutes:

Begin withAddFor
Prewashed salad greensShredded rotisserie chicken, sliced tomatoes, and a splash of your favorite reduced-fat dressing or a little olive oil and balsamic vinegarChicken salad
Whole-wheat pasta, cooked according to the manufacturer’s directionsMicrowaved in-the-bag mixed vegetables, topped with prepared marinara sauce and sprinkled with shredded Parmesan cheeseQuick pasta primavera
Whole-grain tortillasFat-free refried beans and reduced-fat shredded cheddar cheese, microwaved to melt the cheese, topped with salsa and foldedBean burritos
Baked large baking potatoesHeated canned vegetarian chili and a sprinkle of reduced-fat cheeseBaked chili potatoes
Microwaved prepackaged brown riceFrozen stir-fry vegetables and strips of chicken, stir-fried in a small amount of oilStir-fried chicken and vegetables over rice
Toasted whole-wheat bunsHeated lean roast beef slices from the deli, reduced-fat cheese and veggiesRoast beef sandwich
Toasted whole-wheat hoagie bunsLettuce leaves, tuna salad made with a small amount of mayonnaise and your favorite veggie toppingsTuna sub sandwich

Source: Mayo Clinic Diet


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